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               NGUYEN THI TINH AU


Vice Dean Faculty

M.Sc. in Natural Resources:Protection, Usage and Reclamation (2006)

B.Sc. in Environmental and Resource Geography (1997)


Office: Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Room A1-802


Research interests 
> Environmental and resource management

Selected publications 

Nguyen Thi Tinh Au, Nguyen Thi Xuan Hanh, Nguyen Kim Loi (2016).“Application of GIS and USLEequation  in evaluating soil erosion in Kon Tum province”.Proceeding of GIS Application workshop, p392-400. ISBN 978-604-912-659-8.

Nguyen Thi Tinh Au, Nguyen Kim Loi (2016). “Evaluating soil erosion by GIS and Universal Soil Loss Equation in Kon Tum province”. Journal of Technical Education Science, HCMUTE, vol 38, p78-85, 12/2016, ISSN 1859-1272.

Nguyen Thi Tinh Au, Nguyen Kim Loi (2015).  “Assessing Land Use and Land Cover Change (LUCC) in ĐăkB’la Watershed using GIS”. Proceeding of GIS Application workshop, p395-399. ISBN 978-604-82-161-1.

Nguyen Thi Tinh Au, Le Thi Thao Trang, Đo Xuan Hong, Nguyen Kim Loi (2014). Impact of climate change on water flow of DakB’la river basin, Vietnam. Proceeding of International Symposium on Geoinformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth and Apllied Science, p376-384. ISBN 978-604-80-0917-5.

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