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Department of Food Technology is one of three subjects under the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of the University of Technical Education in HCMC. In 2004, the Department of Food Technology was established under the Faculty of Food Technology and Food Processing. In 2007, the subject of Food Technology was officially merged with two departments of Chemical Technology and Environmental Engineering Technology to establish the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology.

The facilities of the subject of Food Technology now include 06 laboratories including: Food Technology 1, Food Technology 2, Food Technology 3, Food Perfume, Microbiology Lab, Biochemistry Lab. The laboratories are well equipped to meet the needs of students as well as the research needs of the lecturers. These labs are also the place to perform master's theses, doctor's dissertations and lecturers in the subject area.



Department of Food Technology, currently undergraduate degree in Food Technology under the CDIO training program of 150 credits. The department has set up output standards and curricula that are close to the actual needs to fulfill the goal of training highly qualified, well-qualified, highly professional engineers with the Informatics and foreign language skills are enough to work in a multinational environment in response to the country's industrialization and modernization as well as globalization in the new age.

Scientific research

The Food Technology Department clearly identifies the importance of scientific research in relation to the teaching capacity of the faculty and the academic capacity of the student. In addition, scientific research products are one of the criteria for enhancing the position of the discipline and a basis for international cooperation and collaboration programs. From these orientations, the Faculty of Food Technology has encouraged and promoted lecturers and students to actively participate in scientific research projects at all levels. Collaboration between lecturers, lecturers and students in research topics not only improves the professionalism of lecturers but also enhances the quality of teaching but also enhances the spirit of solidarity within the university. Of the department and the understanding between faculty and students. There have been a number of grassroots, departmental, and departmental issues completed with domestic and international articles (ISI, SCIE, SCI) as well as specific products delivered to businesses. Manufacturing industry.

Research topics of the Department of Food Technology

- Application of cold and drying technology (sublimation, cold drying, infrared drying ...) in food processing and preservation

 - To study and set up a technological process for processing meat, fishery products, vegetables, milk, ...

 - Research on application of some enzymes in food processing

 - Research on application of microorganisms in food processing and preservation

 - Research on microbial fixation techniques, probiotic microbiology techniques and bioactive substances

- Research in Applied Mathematics in Food Technology

- Research on modern fermentation techniques to produce some first-order metabolic and secondary metabolites

- Research in chemical, physical and biological methods to denote biological macromolecules

- Application of plasma technology in food processing and preservation.


The Department of Food Technology recognizes the importance of the relationship and cooperation with domestic and foreign units and organizations in the process of training and scientific research-technology transfer. The Department has worked effectively with leading companies in the field of food production (Masan, Dutch Lady, Tetra Pak, etc.) to involve engineers in these units. Classes of students. Many food manufacturing units also offer thematic talks to provide practical information for faculty and students. The Department is now also a member of the "International Volunteer Professor" program. Under the framework of this program, international famous professors will be available every year to lecture students and exchange research information with faculty members. Lecturers of the department also have practical collaborations with local and foreign lecturers and scientists to obtain outstanding research results published at renowned conferences and magazines domestically and internationally.


From the early days, with a staff of young masters in terms of age and job age, up to now food technology has grown significantly in terms of human resources with 6 PhDs, 8 Masters. Of these, 3 faculty will now complete PhD programs at home and abroad such as USA, France, Singapore. It is expected that by 2018 at least 50% of the faculty members will become Ph.D.

Full name

University teacher's rank


Major expertise

Son Trinh Khanh

Doctor of Philosophy

Head of Department

Food Science, Food Biotechnology


Dzung Nguyen Tan

Doctor of Philosophy

Deputy Head

Process and Equipment in Food Technology


Luc Nguyen Tien

Doctor of Philosophy


General food technology

(lucnt@hcmute.edu.vn )

Hanh Nguyen Thi Hong

Doctor of Philosophy


Chemical and Molecular Biology (Food Science)


Linh Vu Tran Khanh

Doctor of Philosophy


Chemical engineering and molecular biotechnology



Hoan Pham Thi

Doctor of Philosophy




Dung Dang Thi Ngoc



Food Technology

(dzungdang@hcmute.edu.vn )

Thu Phan Minh Anh

Master (PhD student)


Food Technology


Duyen Nguyen Dang My



Food Technology

Hoang Le Tan



Food Technology


Trang Ho Thi Thu


Lab Staff

Food Technology


(thutranght@hcmute.edu.vn )


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