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Head of Department

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2014)
M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (2008)
B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (2005)
Office: Department of EET, Room: A1-801

Research interests 

Resource recovery: phosphate recovery from wastewater and other sources using (s)electrodialysis and pellet crystallization. 

Concentrate treatment by using electrodialysis for water reuse Acid/base regeneration from wastewater by electrodialysis with bipolar membrane. 
> Scaling of membrane.

Selected publications 
> Tran, A.T.K., Zhang, Y., Lin. J., Mondal, P., Ye, W., Meesschaert, B., Pinoy, L., Van der Bruggen, B. (2015). Phosphate pre-concentration from municipal wastewater by selectrodialysis: Effect of competing components. Separation and Purification Technology, 141, 38 – 47.

> Tran, A.T.K., Mondal, P., Lin. J., Meesschaert, B., Pinoy, L., Van der Bruggen, B. (2015). Simultaneous regeneration of inorganic acid and base from a metal washing step wastewater by bipolar membrane electrodialysis after pretreatment by crystallization in a pellet reactor. Journal of Membrane Science, 473, 118 – 127.

> Ye, W., Wu, J.,Ye, F., Zeng, H., Tran, A.T.K., Lin, J., Luis, P., Van der Bruggen, B. (2015). Potential of osmotic membrane crystallization using dense membranes for Na2CO3 production in a CO2 capture scenario. Crystal Growth & Design, 15, 695 – 705.

> Tran, A.T.K., Zhang, Y., De Corte, D., Hannes, J-B., Ye, W., Mondal, P., Jullok, N., Meesschaert, B., Pinoy, L., Van der Bruggen, B. (2014). P-recovery as calcium phosphate from wastewater using an integrated selectrodialysis/crystallization process. Journal of Cleaner Production, 77, 140 – 151.

> Mondal, P.,Tran, A.T.K., Van der Bruggen, B. (2014). Removal of As (V) from simulated groundwater using forward osmosis: Effect of competing and coexisting solutes. Desalination, 348, 33 - 38.
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