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            Training level: BACHELOR


            Training mode: FULL TIME

I. Training duration: 4 years
II. Admission conditions:

High school graduate candidates having total score of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (group A) or Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology (group B) or Mathematics, Chemistry, English (group D7) in annual National High School Graduation Examination held in July by MOET higher than the cut-off score set by the HCMUTE based on the student admission quota from MOET. The cut -off score is published in August.

Candidates graduating from specialized high school, having an average score of five consecutive terms of high school higher than 7.5 and are in top 10% of the HCMUTE annual admission quota.
III. Grade scale, training procedure and graduation criteria

-          Grade scale: 10

-          Training procedure: According to the regulation accompanying Decision  43/2007/GDĐT

-          Graduation criteria:

General criteria: According to the regulation accompanying Decision  43/2007/GDĐT

Major criteria:  none

IV. Program objectives and expected learning outcomes (ELO)

1. General objectives

Graduates from the CET program will possess fundamental knowledge of chemical engineering and chemical technology, be able to apply basic engineering principles and engineering skills to undertake responsibilities of chemical engineers.

Graduates will be able to work in factories, companies, institutes, colleges, technology centers operating in chemistry-relating fields.

2. Specific objectives

Graduates from the CET program will


- Have general and professional educational knowledge in chemical engineering and technology to meet demands of the industry and society.

- Have the knowledge and skills in information technology to work efficiently in their profession.


- Apply thinking skills and scientific method to analyze and solve problems arising in practical work

- Master the tools, equipment and techniques in chemical laboratories

- Be capable of directing and organizing production processes and applying technological procedures in actual production conditions at facilities in the field of chemical technology

- Be able to acquire and deploy new technologies to improve productivity and product quality.


- Have adequate professional and social knowledge in order to gradually build a solid career future.

Foreign language level

- Common communication in English (about TOEIC 500)

- Be able to comprehend professional technical materials in English.

Self-study and further development capacitiy

- Be able to learn independently and to continue studying in higher education, such as such as a master or PhD degree.

3. Expected learning outcomes

After successful completion of the program, graduates will:

3. 1. Have knowledge, thinking and reasoning skills to solve technical issues

- Have fundamental knowledge in the natural and and social sciences.

- Be able to apply basic concepts and principles, and core technical knowledge in the field of chemical engineering technology.

- Have in-depth technical knowledge related to chemical engineering technology, such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, etc.

3.2. Develop personal potentials in discovering knowledge, problem solving, systematically thinking, grasping professional attributes and training personal skills.  

- Identify, analyze and solve problems.

- Conduct experiments and evaluate experimental results.

- Approach and consider problems from the whole-system point of view.

- Possess personal skills: identifying, analyzing, summarizing problems, flexibly and creatively thinking, eagerly learning, with a professional attitude.

- Posses professional attitude: professional ethics, honesty and ability to define goals and career orientation.

3.3. Develop skills in communication and teamwork

- Be able to manage team and work in team.

- Possess communication skills through written documents, electronic means, presentations, negotiations.

- Communicate efficiently in English.

3.4. Conceive, design, implement and operate production systems in chemical engineering and technology – Be aware of the role and responsibilities of the profession to society

- Understand the differences in culture and how to work effectively in different organizations.

- Generate ideas, design, model, implement and manage projects chemical engineering and technology.

- Design and improve manufacturing processes related to chemical technology such as in producing cosmetics, flavors, plastics, composites, ceramics, glass, fertilizers, etc.

- Acquire, implement and monitor innovative technologies to improve productivity and product quality.

- Operate technological processes in real conditions at production facilities in the field of chemical technology.

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