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Environmental Engineering Technology



- Research modulation of adsorbents used in 
wastewater treatment

- Wastewater treatment processes with biological or chemical methods

- Modelling of wastewater treatment technology

- Investigation , assessment of current situations and solution proposals to environmental pollution problems

- Research for teaching and environmental 

- Forecast of potential energy from waste materials




Food Technology

Chemical Technology

- Processing and preservation of food products by drying, freezing and biological technology.
- Production of fermented biomass and isolating biological-active products.

- Food sensory characteristics and consumer study.

- Structure, physico-chemical, mechanical-physical and physiological properties of food products.

- Fabrication of new food materials by physical, chemical or biological treatments,



- Organic synthesis.

- Chemistry of natural compounds.

- Pharmaceutical chemistry: isolation and synthesis of natural compounds.

- Analytical chemistry: biochemical sensor, Adsorbents for environmental applications.

- Synthesis and manufacture of polymer and composite materials.

- Inorganic, mainly silicate materials.


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